There is daily connection (except Sundays) with local transport, by bus from Pounta (Ypostego) and by boat from the port of Elafonisos (Skala). By car from Pounta, the distance is 12 km.

Former capital of the Voies (Vatika), Neapoli is a coastal town with a long sandy beach, many hotels, rooms to let and a ferry connection with the islands of Kythira - Antikythira.

The villages of Vatika are full of hidden beauties that one can easily discover. There is also an excellent network of marked hiking trails, ideal for mountain bike.

From the green village of Agios Nikolaos, head to the picturesque harbor of Profitis Ilias to visit the Petrified Forest of palm trees in Agia Marina with trunks of trees and petrified shells.