A boat trip from Sarakiniko to Panagia beach at Kato Nisi.

We cross the bay of Sarakiniko and pass consecutively from Kournopila and Lygia. Between the rocks, we see a point where a groove is formed. This point is called Vrakozona. Here there were old kilns that made lime and the boats entered to load up.

We can discern a zone of bright red color due to red rocks and soil, that is called Kokkina (meaning Red).

Southwest, we see the cave of Stapa (old pirates' hideout), Pori and the famous portolan Cape Santa Maria, today's Cape Agia Marina, or Akrotiri Vódi, which joins the sea areas of the Laconian Gulf, the Sarakiniko Bay, the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. Here are the remnants of a wrecked ship.

Immediately after Agia Marina, there is an opening, like a groove that comes from the mountain and there, plenty of fresh water bubbles up. A local legend says that this water comes from mount Taygetus.

Τhe southwest coast of primal and wild natural beauty is called Cholokoura or Chourhoulakia and is an area full of white and gray big round stones.

Immediately afterwards, there is a sandy beach named Amouditsa.

We continue to the north and after a while we reach the Agliftis beach and the homonymous island. An old road network that starts from the shore of Agliftis and fades into the sea, marks the great historical value of this place.

There is the picturesque and deserted chapel of St. Patapios, built in 1960.

The wild and steep cliffs on the coast are called Kakovraha, which the inhabitants once used to cross over in order to gather salt from the salt pans that are formed here.

Continuing alongside the beach, we find Alatsospilies. In the caves of this area the shepherds used to put their animals.

To the north we find Drizi, a spot that is full of caves and rocky ground. Here there was fresh water accumulated in natural troughs.

We are passing the cape (Kavos Kassellas) which is opposite the homonymous island and we arrive at the islands of Panagia. On Lepto Nisi one can observe some ruined churches.



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