This route covers areas located on the coast opposite the island of Elafonisos. Therefore it can easily be done before your arrival on the island, or after your departure. However, due to the importance of the area, we recommend that you spend a morning that combines exploration with the great underwater archaeological site of Pavlopetri, the visit of the important wetland of Lake Stroggili and swimming into the beautiful beaches: Pounta, Pavlopetri, Chamokylo, Maggano. In this case the car is not necessary and you can leave it at your hotel or in the port of Elafonisos. It is better to use the Ferry Boat, or the local boats at Pounta by bike or on foot.

West of the harbor one can admire, even today, an ancient road network that once connected the island with the mainland up until 375 AD and today it is lost at the bottom of the sea (in some places they are still visible) only to appear in several locations on the island. In "Siderospilia" and "Kamari" during the antiquity there were iron mines.

The route east of the harbor leads to the beach of Pounta. If you drive a car or bike, follow the dirt road indicated on the map. We continue and arrive at Stroggyli Lake. It is an important and protected site of the area that is a refuge for rare species of migratory birds. It is part of the NATURA network and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR).


Visit the Archaeological Site of Pavlopetri

The visitor can see the Bronze Age cemetery in Pavlopetri, the channel of the prehistoric city (it suffered many disasters – and so did the tombs themselves - because the Greek state rented - for private exploitation - the archaeological site of Pavlopetri during the past decades!) and also parts of the sunken city that are at a shallow depth.

In 2015, Pavlopetri (and Greece along with it) was included in the top diving destinations of the Mediterranean.

Pavlopetri has entered the World Monument Watch list for 2016 as it is endangered by pollution caused by large ships anchoring in Vatika Bay.

Don' t miss a dive on the northeast beaches of the islet Pavlopetri, Chamokylo and Maggano.

Return to the port at Pounta and without waiting in the queue, board the Ferry Boat or one of the local boats.




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